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23 November, London 

This year's conference took place at TUC Congress House on Wednesday 23 November.  Please click through for highlights from the day.


MiP's national committee formulates our policies on healthcare, the NHS and workplace relations, including negotiations, and the representation, recruitment and organisation of MiP members.

Committee members are ambassadors of MiP, representing MiP on public platforms and talking on issues that matter to you, upholding MiP's values, and maintaining our political neutrality.

The committee is elected every two years and meets four times a year. The current committee have been elected to take office from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2017.  The chair and vice chair positions will be filled at the first meeting of the committee on 4 February 2016.

For more information about the committee and how you can get involved, click through to GET INVOLVED.

MiP National Committee membership by constituency:

East Midlands   
Anthony Nichols

Email: anthonyrnichols@rocketmail.com

East of England 

Richard Carthew
Email: richard.carthew@nhs.net  

Sandie Belcher
Email: Sandie.Belcher@swlstg-tr.nhs.uk

North East   

North West   
David Cain

Northern Ireland  
Aidan Dawson
Email: aidan.dawson@ntlworld.com

Wayne Gault
Email: wayne.gault@nhs.net


South Central    

South East Coast
Phil Kennedy
Email: philip.kennedy@nhs.net 

South West   

Geoff Underwood 
Email: g.underwood@nhs.net

Sam Crane

Email: sam.crane@wales.nhs.uk

Gareth Morgan
Email: gareth.morgan5@wales.nhs.uk

West Midlands
Zoeta Manning
Email: zoeta.manning@nhs.net

Yorkshire and the Humber 
Jeremy Baskett

Email: Jerbas@sky.com

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MiP members get all the benefits provided by our sister unions. FDA has launched a portfolio of benefits offering a range of discounts, legal support and financial advice. Click through from the MiP members' area for details.

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We provide a range of advice and information for healthcare managers on issues that affect your employment. We produce factsheets and briefings to keep you informed about your rights and opportunities.

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