Transition update – joint statement on transfer schemes

Thu 17 Jan 2013

News for MiP members in PCTs, SHAs and ALBs in England

On 17 January the HR Transition Partnership Forum issued the following joint statement on transfer schemes:

This joint statement - by trade unions, employers and the DH, informs staff and local employers about the latest position in the partnership discussions on transfer schemes. These Schemes will be used to move staff April 2013 from existing organisations (senders) to the new NHS and other bodies (receivers) created by the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

We have agreed nearly all the terms of the Schemes. Some terms deliver protections over and above normal practice. These terms are settled and secured. They mean, for example that staff will continue NHS pension membership in non NHS employers and that staff who gain jobs in Receivers through ring fenced competition will be covered by the schemes.

We have, however, at the 14th January HR Transition Partnership meeting, been unable to reach agreement on precisely how the schemes will protect terms and conditions after the transfer from April 13 and protect staff from certain forms of dismissal.

We are all committed to staying at the table and trying to reach an agreement on these final issues. Further partnership meetings are planned including a joint resolution process designed to reach a conclusion in January, as we recognise the ongoing uncertainty is not helping staff and employers manage an already complex set of changes.

We will keep staff and employers informed of developments. 

Karen Didovich

HRTPF Co-Chair

NHS Trade Unions

Stephen Welfare

HRTPF Co-Chair

NHS Midland and East




17 January 2013

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