MiP welcomes three-year NHS pay deal – with reservations

Wed 21 Mar 2018

MiP welcomes the three-year draft pay framework for NHS Agenda for Change staff in England, signed off by the NHS Staff Council today, and the Government’s commitment to fund the deal over and above existing NHS budgets.

Commenting on today’s announcement, MiP chief executive Jon Restell said:

“This offer finally ends the damaging 1% cap on pay rises and gives higher salaries to all NHS staff on Agenda for Change, including most MiP members.

“Under the proposed framework, no MiP member will be worse off than under the Government’s existing policy, and most members will do much better.

“We also strongly welcome the moves towards ending poverty pay in the NHS and the decent pay rises that many hard-working but low-paid NHS staff will at last receive.”  

However, MiP is disappointed by the proposals to cap pay rises at a lower level for staff in Bands 8D and 9, and the failure to reduce the length of time it takes for staff in Bands 8 and 9 to reach the top of their pay bands – something that has been achieved for all other staff.

Restell added:

“We’re disappointed that the Government has missed the opportunity to invest in NHS leadership and management, at a time when senior staff are taking on bigger workloads and more responsibilities than ever before.

“Our members will feel that the Government still doesn’t properly value the skilled and experienced managers who work hard to run NHS services under the most trying circumstances. It’s unfair and divisive that political demands for a cap on senior pay rises mean they won’t be getting the same recognition as other NHS staff.

“The cap and the failure to accelerate pay progression for managers will do nothing to help the very real recruitment difficulties for leadership posts in the NHS, or to encourage clinical staff in Band 7 to apply for management roles. This long-running problem will clearly need more work by both employers and unions.

“Over the next two months, we will make sure that members understand how the deal will affect them as both managers and employees – and then they will have their say.”

•    For further comment or information, contact Jon Restell, MiP chief executive, on 07908 209484 or email j.restell@miphealth.org.uk

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