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23 November, London 

This year's conference will be held at TUC Congress House on Wednesday 23 November.  Please click through for more details and to register


MiP BLOG Thu 22 Sep 2016

 Wales mbc

Managing better care: Lessons in collaboration

The “Once for Wales” project has transformed staff training across NHS Wales, cutting costs, raising quality and boosting compliance. Matt Ross spoke to the handful of visionaries who made it happen.

I remember the bad old days, when people used to do everything separately, and work in competition rather than collaboration. People were all off developing products with slight variations. But this project has pulled together all those good ideas; all that knowledge and expertise.

MiP BLOG Mon 12 Sep 2016

 managing change

Tipster: Managing change in your team

Many health organisations have spent years undergoing constant change - and it isn't over yet. Matt Ross offers some advice for team leaders.

Before embracing change, people must understand why the status quo is untenable, see the goal as desirable, and believe it can be delivered. So explain clearly the risks of leaving things as they are, the benefits of change and how you will address the obstacles.

NEWS Fri 09 Sep 2016


Unions and employers renew NHS partnership agreement

The Social Partnership Forum has published a "refreshed" partnership agreement, which set out how the partners will work together to tackle the biggest challenges facing the NHS

Under the agreement, NHS England, Health Education England and NHS Improvement have now joined the SPF, which brings together employers and trade unions in the NHS in England

MiP BLOG Fri 02 Sep 2016

 managing your inbox

Tipster: How to manage your inbox

There’s no single “right” way to deal with email overload, but experts agree on some basic steps. Follow these tips from Craig Ryan and you should find a method that works for you.

Email is a tool, how you use it is up to you. Do you want to read news in your email? Do you find updates from your social media accounts annoying? Do you really need daily briefings? It’s your inbox – decide what should be there and get rid of everything else.

MiP BLOG Thu 25 Aug 2016

 Sir Simon Wessely

Getting our priorities right

Sir Simon Wessely argues the crisis in mental health will not be solved by more individual interventions, but by taking a system-wide approach to a system-wide problem.

Fruit in the canteen, better cycling lanes and practicing mindfulness are all fine, but they are unlikely to address the dissatisfaction and demoralisation seen across the mental health workforce.

MiP BLOG Thu 25 Aug 2016

 Bullying infographic

Let's banish bullying from the NHS once and for all

MiP is leading a national initiative to tackle bullying and harassment, which undermines managers’ work and damages their careers. Jon Restell explains how the programme is shaping up.

Research shows that disruptive and disrespectful behaviour leads to an unsafe culture – distraction from clinical work, errors, withdrawal, burnout, reputational damage and more people leaving. Staff are less likely to admit mistakes, raise concerns or work effectively in teams – with obvious implications for patient care and safety.

NEWS Wed 17 Aug 2016

 health heroes

Who’s your Health Hero?

Show your appreciation for hardworking support staff in the NHS

Do you know someone in your organisation who takes special pride in their work, however tough things get? This is your chance to nominate them for a Health Heroes award.

MiP BLOG Wed 10 Aug 2016

 Dr Woodworth

Putting doctors back in touch

In the first of a regular series revealing the crucial role of managers in improving healthcare, Matt Ross investigates how NHS leaders in Stockport reconnected GPs and hospital consultants - improving the speed and quality of patient care

“Managers can win people’s minds by going through the procedures, doing their business cases, but to win hearts they have to convince everybody that it’s a good idea.”

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