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18 November, London WC1

Save the day to join us for our 10th anniversary conference. It promises to be interesting, taking place just months after the new government takes office.
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NEWS Wed 27 May 2015


Government announces redundancy cap for public sector workers

Today's Queen’s speech signals further attacks on terms and conditions

When are hard working people not considered hard working people? When they are public service workers, seems to be the Government's answer as it confirms its intention to ‘end six figure pay offs’ for public service workers, claiming it will ensure ‘fairness for the taxpayer.’

NEWS Fri 24 Apr 2015


Who’d be a senior manager in the NHS?

MiP chief executive Jon Restell hits back at manager-bashing

Few people would survive the Daily Mail treatment and it deserves a push back on the way it distorts basic facts about managers’ pay in the NHS. The real problem is the politicisation of NHS managerial pay and the high levels of board vacancies. Jon Restell writes in the HSJ

MEDIA CENTRE Mon 20 Apr 2015


Top pay in the NHS in England – the facts

MiP chief executive Jon Restell debunks the myths in today’s Daily Mail

'The Daily Mail campaign fails to highlight the main problem with NHS boardroom pay, which is the 20% vacancy rate in important jobs on hospital boards and the widespread use of expensive interim managers to plug gaps.'

MiP BLOG Fri 17 Apr 2015


Let’s hear it for NHS managers!

Jon Restell talks about MiP’s campaign for respect for NHS managers

I love the NHS. I love what it stands for in society and the world. I love its staff. I love the public who support it and the politicians who fund it. Most of all I love the managers who work as hard as anyone to keep the NHS show on the road and I love speaking up for them.

NEWS Thu 16 Apr 2015


Book now for HSRN Symposium 2015

1-2 July 2015, Nottingham

Involved in Health Services Research? Book now for the Health Services Research Network’s annual symposium to hear about and discuss cutting edge developments with some of the leading health services researchers in the UK and internationally

NEWS Sun 12 Apr 2015


NHS takes centre stage in the general election

Politicians are making plenty of promises - what is the reality?

As we gear up for the general election, we expect more unfair attacks on NHS managers. MiP won't stand by and let this go unchallenged. Our HSJ-MiP management mythbuster and MiP briefing on NHS managers and the general election debunk the myths and set out the facts and figures.

NEWS Tue 31 Mar 2015


5 big myths about NHS managers debunked

Andy Cowper introduces the second stage of HSJ/MiP's Respect for NHS Managers campaign, in which we tackle head on myths about managers' role, number, visibility, accountability and pay

As the general election campaign gets underway we hold politicians to account - from the prime minister down - for what they say about NHS managers. Today's mythbuster follows on from December's letter from clinical, charity and patients leaders, calling on politicians to treat NHS managers fairly

NEWS Fri 27 Mar 2015


Agenda for Change pay awards announced

The good news is most staff get 1% - the bad news is that excludes most managers in England

The pay awards for 2015-16 NHS staff in England, Scotland and Wales have been announced. NHS managers and other senior staff in England have been singled out for unfair treatment compared to NHS colleagues and other public sector staff. MiP’s guidance note shows how the settlement for England affects managers and outlines our next steps

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