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23 November, London 

This year's conference took place at TUC Congress House on Wednesday 23 November.  Please click through for highlights from the day.


MiP BLOG Thu 01 Dec 2016


Job evaluation - because you're worth it

MiP Conference 2016: With STPs set to bring sweeping changes to posts and job descriptions across the NHS, delegates at a conference workshop discussed how to protect the integrity of the job evaluation system.

“People are not getting training, employers are using outside consultants with no experience of the NHS or Agenda for Change, and they’re looking for shortcuts, not evaluating all the factors and not doing consistency checking.”

MEDIA CENTRE Wed 30 Nov 2016

 management trainees

MiP welcomes Hunt's vote of confidence in NHS management

Managers in Partnership (MiP) today welcomed the speech by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to the annual conference of NHS Providers.

"The ten-fold increase in the number of non-clinical management trainees by 2020 is bold. Good for Hunt. It is a vote of confidence in general management, HR, finance and other disciplines in the NHS. As ever, the devil is in the detail and we look to the Secretary of State to follow up his warm words with action."

NEWS Tue 29 Nov 2016

 Jon Restell

Our NHS depends on managers like Sandie

MiP Conference 2016: Chief executive Jon Restell told delegates the very survival of the NHS depends on managers working under intense pressure and walking a tightrope between compassion and resources.

Most people would walk away from being a middle manager in our NHS… They couldn’t face the responsibility of making decisions which mean so much to the lives and survival of other human beings. But this what Sandie does, day in, day out.

NEWS Tue 29 Nov 2016

 Devo panel

Devolution: different paths, similar obstacles

MiP Conference 2016: Devolution within the NHS increasingly allows countries and regions to go their own way. MiP brought together NHS leaders from Wales, Scotland and England to discuss the opportunities and threats from this trend.

"The real challenge is to take the rhetoric and challenge ourselves on how we can make it real. Why is it that we still think there is something different between primary and community health services? If we can’t join those up, then we really are lost."

NEWS Tue 29 Nov 2016

 Wendy Hick

Empower everybody – and give people time to think

MiP Conference 2016: Leading head teacher Wendy Hick gave an inspiring talk to delegates about how real staff engagement and a positive, reflective approach can turn struggling organisations around – and surprisingly quickly

“Normally, people go in and take a troubleshooting approach, they look to get a quick fix. I took a very different and more considered approach. I thought what am I going to do to raise the morale of the staff at this school?”

NEWS Tue 29 Nov 2016

 Mark Radford

Radford: Make the most of existing NHS staff

MiP Conference 2016: Professor Mark Radford from NHS Improvement led a workshop on the many workforce challenges likely to face managers in the NHS next year.

“The next two quarters are going to be tough. The money is really tight and that is creating pressure through the whole system. Keeping our focus as a system on the patients is absolutely fundamental.”

NEWS Mon 28 Nov 2016


Minister: Let's reset the rhetoric about NHS managers

MiP Conference 2016: Health minister Philip Dunne promised to “reset” the political rhetoric about NHS managers, improve workplace culture and tackle bullying in the NHS, in his keynote conference speech on 23 November.

Although short on specific proposals, Dunne’s first external speech as health minister also promised action to improve NHS leadership skills, recruit more graduate management trainees and deliver parity of esteem for mental health services.

NEWS Mon 28 Nov 2016

 Panel pic

Workforce: Finance is crushing everything at the moment

MiP Conference 2016: Four experts on the NHS workforce discuss the challenges facing the NHS and how we can make it a better place to work.

The myriad pressures the NHS face at the moment can overshadow some of the major challenges in the workplace for managers and staff – things like bullying, ensuring fair terms and conditions for staff, and dealing with employment disputes.

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