MiP is the UK's only specialist trade union organisation representing healthcare managers working in the NHS, the voluntary sector and the private sector. MiP members get expert employment advice and representation when they need it.

When you join MiP you join 6,000 members working across all areas of healthcare. We have strength in numbers and give you an influential voice with policy makers and employers.

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Or download the MiP application form to complete and return.

We're open to all healthcare managers
If you are on Agenda for Change Band 8 or above, or the equivalent level of responsibility in other organisations, or in the executive cohort, you should join MiP. We also welcome management trainees who can join us at a special rate.

Employment representation
Our officers ensure you are treated fairly at work. As a member of MiP you get direct access to our officers who have established good working relationships with employers. They can often resolve problems informally. But when necessary they will provide tough and effective representation through formal stages right through to employment tribunal or court, supported by legal assistance.

Instant advice when you join
Join MiP now. Don't wait until you have a problem. Every year we help hundreds of managers to resolve issues such as reorganisation, redundancy, pay and contracts. We can provide instant advice when you join. We will provide representation for those who have been members for at least 13 weeks, where the problem did not pre-exist membership.

As a member of MiP you get a range of benefits including:

  • Healthcare Manager, MiP's quarterly magazine, delivered free
  • Free attendance at MiP's national conference
  • Regional master classes
  • Discounted university courses.
  • Career development advice
  • Legal advice
  • Personal injury support
  • Discounted insurance offers
  • Financial offers

MiP subscription rates
Membership subscriptions are banded according to salary, starting at £25.60 per month, or less if you work part time. 

  • Salary range £39,239 to £61,800 -  £25.60 pm
  • Salary range £61,801 to £72,100 -  £29.00 pm
  • Salary range £72,101 to £82,400 -  £31.25 pm
  • Salary range over £82,400           -  £33.80 pm
  • Part time, up to £25,750              -  £20.85 pm
  • Part time £25,751 to £39,238       -  £22.90 pm
  • Management trainee                    -  £10.00 per year

Management trainee
Members pay the management trainee rate during the time they are on the trainee scheme.
Tax relief on MiP subscriptions
As a healthcare manager, you may be entitled to tax relief on your MiP subscriptions in the same way as members of other professional organisations. See our briefing for more information MiP tax relief on subs

Join MiP

As specialists in healthcare management we provide expert employment advice and representation and fast access to legal services to make sure you are treated fairly. You also receive our quarterly magazine and have access to leadership networks.

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FDA Portfolio

MiP members get all the benefits provided by our sister unions. FDA has launched a portfolio of benefits offering a range of discounts, legal support and financial advice. Click through from the MiP members' area for details.

Employment rights

We provide a range of advice and information for healthcare managers on issues that affect your employment. We produce factsheets and briefings to keep you informed about your rights and opportunities.

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