As we gear up for a general election in which the NHS is a top priority for the public, we expect more unfair attacks on managers from politicians.

MiP won’t stand by and let those attacks go unchallenged. We've teamed up with Health Service Journal to produce our HSJ-MiP management mythbuster to debunk the five big myths about NHS managers - about their role, numbers, visibility, accountability and pay.

During the general election MiP members will be calling on politicians to show respect to NHS managers, questioning them on issues such as managers' pay, funding and reorganisation. We have produced a briefing for MiP members on NHS managers and the 2015 general election with the facts and figures to help get our message across.

MiP believes NHS managers deserve respect for their valuable contribution in the NHS healthcare team. They are working hard to help provide high quality, compassionate services which deliver good patient experience and value for money. We are calling on politicians to show them that respect.

Our campaign for respect for NHS managers launched with an open letter, published in the Times on 4 December 2014, calling on all politicians to treat managers with the same respect they accord to others in the NHS team. Signed by 16 leaders in healthcare, including some of the UKs most high profile clinicians and patient campaigners, it states that ‘unfair criticism is damaging to the interests of patients’ and affirms that ‘managers make an essential contribution to the delivery of high quality services.

We’ve had great support for our campaign – from clinicians, patient’s organisations and even politicians. And most importantly, we’ve had a heart-warming response from managers who are delighted that someone is speaking up on their behalf.

Please show your support for the campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #respect4managers  and @miphealth. 

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