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Claire Pullar

Claire Pullar
National officer
Areas covered: Scotland and Northern Ireland
Phone: 020 7121 5143 
Mobile: 07908 209 223 
Email: c.pullar@miphealth.org.uk

Claire looks after MiP members working in Scotland and Northern Ireland. As a national officer, she represents and advises members, supports local reps and link members, and negotiates with employers in her area. She also attends the staff side of the NHS Scotland Partnership Forum and sits on the Northern Ireland TUC Health Policy Committee.

She joined MiP in 2005, having previously worked as an occupational therapist specialising in neurosciences, with a special interest in dyspraxia. As an operational manager, she specialised in turning around failing clinical teams. Claire is a former chair of UNISON Scotland’s professional and technical ‘A’ sector, which includes occupational therapists.

Claire’s areas of special expertise include job evaluation, workforce planning, pensions, mediation, coaching and professional development.

Away from work, Claire co-runs a holistic care support group for people with thyroid health issues, and enjoys scriptwriting and walking her dog on the beaches near her home on the east coast of Scotland.

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