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Supporting our members every step of the way

Every year hundreds of our members face employment problems such as redundancy, bullying, discrimination, complaints, disciplinary issues, and unfair dismissals, redeployments or demotions. MiP's advice and support team, including our network of national officers, is here to help you with advice, information, advocacy and hands-on representation.


In need of support?
Step 1: check our Advice & Information pages

If you have an employment problem, please first read through the relevant page of our Advice & Information section for guidance on how to react to emerging problems. This may help you to respond in the correct way until our team can provide more advice.

Step 2: contact our member advice co-ordinator

If you still need support, please get in touch with our member advice co-ordinator:

If we can’t respond immediately, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our member advice co-ordinator will contact you to talk about the problem and either help you there and then, or refer you to one of our national officers.

Do I qualify for full support?

To qualify for our full package of support, you must have been a member at least four weeks before the issue arises. If you’ve been a member for a shorter period, we can provide advice and guidance but not full representation.

Got a question about your membership?
Get in touch with our information and systems manager:



Need help but not a member?
To qualify for full representation, you must have been an MiP member at least four weeks before the issue arises. But if you join now you can get  telephone advice from our expert team immediately – and after four weeks you'll be fully protected if new problems arise in the future.
Join now online
from £22.90 per month or £10 per year for management trainees


Recently transferred from UNISON?
If you recently transferred from UNISON, we and UNISON will consider between us who’s best placed to represent you. Meanwhile, please get in touch with your MiP national officer and explain the situation.
Disabled managers often feel more at risk of losing their jobs during organisational change, despite legal protection under equality legislation. Jo Seery looks at the obligations on employers and explains what to do if you’ve been treated unfairly.
6th Oct 2023
By Jo Seery
Legal Eye
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