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Wednesday 17 February 2021

Tell us what you think about NHS pay for you and your staff

By MiP

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As part of our evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body, MiP is carrying out a survey of members to find out what you think about NHS pay. The survey is open until 8 March for all MiP members, including those on Agenda for Change and Very Senior Managers (VSMs).

Your national committee believes that an early and significant pay rise is important to recognise the hard work of exhausted NHS staff, including managers, and vital for the future recovery of NHS services after the pandemic. That’s why we’re fully behind the joint union campaign ‘With NHS Staff’. You can read more about the unions’ economic case for a pay rise for all NHS staff here.

The government has asked, exceptionally in the public sector this year, the NHS Pay Review Body to make pay recommendations for staff on Agenda for Change. But it has also tried to dampen down expectations, so our campaign matters as much as it did last year.

To help get the right decision from the review body process, MiP wants to know what you think about NHS pay. Our survey focuses on one of the most significant issues this year – staff  intention to leave the NHS. We will use the results in our evidence to the review body in early March. 

Your views matter both as an employee and as a manager of staff, services and functions – so we want to hear your views from both standpoints. 

MiP chief executive Jon Restell said: "I am full of admiration and gratitude for what you have done for me and my family during the pandemic. My mum was vaccinated last Wednesday. It was an emotional event, which brought home to me how well managers have done to mobilise resources in a system already under intense pressure. Your role is so important. That's why your voice should be heard now. 

"This is also a good opportunity to tell the world about the amazing work you and your staff have done fighting the pandemic," he added. "Flesh and blood stories of skill and dedication have real weight when decisions on pay are being made, and they help MiP to show politicians and the public the real value of the work managers do." 

  • A link to the survey was sent to all MiP members by email on Monday 15 February. Please check your inbox and take a few minutes to the complete the survey before 5pm on 8 March 2021. If you are an MiP member and have not received your survey email, contact MiP head office and we'll resend it.

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