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Managers Matter Campaign

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Do you fib about being an NHS manager? Does your mum tell people you’re a nurse or a chiropodist? Do you feel embarrassed when talking about your job? If so, you’re not alone. The denigration of health and care management by the media and some politicians means that many MiP members find it hard to talk about the work they do.

MiP believes it’s time for managers to stop apologising and talk up their achievements in the NHS and social care. We want to create a hopeful and compelling story that shows off how health and care managers are: 

  • building great workplaces where skilled and caring NHS staff can thrive
  • delivering with impossible budgets and coping with constant change 
  • supporting and developing the staff patients rely on
  • managing conflicting demands with skill and compassion
  • developing new ideas to improve services for patients
  • listening to the public and planning for our future health needs
  • defending and promoting the values of the NHS
  • keeping services running, however tough it gets

We know this won’t be easy: it takes a long time to shift public perceptions and there will inevitably be setbacks as well as successes. We won’t persuade everyone to love NHS managers the way we do – but we hope to earn most people’s respect.

We will be developing the themes for our campaign, and a series of events and activities, during 2018. You can read about our first thoughts on the campaign in our Healthcare Manager article. The next step will be an open workshop for members in the autumn, with details to announced shortly. Sign up for our regular email newsletters in the box on the right, and we’ll keep you up-to-date with developments. 

One of the best ways to get our message across is to tell your own story. Let us know how your work, and that of your colleagues, helps to deliver better health and care services – we’ll publish it on our website, in our magazine, and wherever else we can. Drop us a line at: managersmatter@miphealth.org.uk.
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