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NHS Funding Campaign

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MiP believes the NHS is underfunded. With a growing and ageing population, funding has failed to keep up with demand for many years, and the consequences are there for all to see. We know that money won’t solve every problem, but if we’re not prepared to spend the same as other countries do, our health and care services cannot deliver what we expect from them.

Since the 2015 election, MiP has been campaigning to increase the share of our national resources we spend on health and care in the UK. If we raised spending to the same level as France and Germany – around 11% of GDP – we would have an extra £23bn to invest in our NHS. We don’t see why British people deserve to have less spent on their health and care than our French and German friends.

As it approaches its 70th birthday, the NHS remains a remarkably efficient healthcare system. It provides high-quality universal care, free at the point of use, for a fraction of the cost of private health systems in countries like the US. It has huge public support, dedicated staff and a public service mission that is second to none – loving the NHS is part of what it means to be British. But it cannot be run on goodwill alone. If we want the NHS to be all it can be, we need to fund it properly.

MiP campaigns for better NHS funding by:
  • Using our influence to press the case for better NHS funding with politicians, system leaders and the media
  • Publishing articles and research supporting the case for proper funding of the NHS 
  • Gathering and publicising our members’ stories about how underfunding affects their work and the services they provide 
  • Working with other health and care unions to fight for fair pay for NHS staff and an end to the financial squeeze on patient services 
To find out more, or tell us your story about how underfunding affects your work, drop us a line at funding@miphealth.org.uk.

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