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About MiP

MiP exists to defend and further the interests of health and care managers, providing one-to-one advice and support, collective representation, public relations work, publications and events. We always seek to work in partnership – with trade unions, employers, and other health groups and bodies – and prioritise patient care, proper funding and the welfare of all health staff alongside the interests of our members.

We were founded as a joint venture between the FDA Union, which represents senior public servants, and UNISON – the 1.3m-strong union for public service staff. Our members automatically join both of our parent unions, and may participate in their elections and access many of their services. We are affiliated to the TUC through the FDA, and recognised by all employers that recognise either union.

When UNISON members working in health and care enter the managerial grades, we take responsibility for representing them – providing the specialist expertise and services required by senior staff. Everybody transferred in this way remains a member of UNISON, whilst gaining membership of the FDA. MiP and UNISON work closely together at both the national and local levels, supporting efficiency and amplifying our impact.

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We work to promote equality of opportunity for both staff and patients in our health and care services, tackling discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, disability, religion, age or sexual orientation. In particular, we provide one-to-one representation for those who've suffered from discrimination – as well as for managers accused of discriminatory behaviour. And we work with bodies such as the NHS Leadership Academy and the Health & Social Care BME Network to tackle the prejudices that can hamper managers' careers and patients' access to services.

Based in our Waterloo head office, our chief executive and administrative staff manage and support a UK-wide network of national officers dedicated to providing tailored, expert advice and support to our members. These pages provide profiles of all our permanent staff, and enable members to identify and contact their local representative.

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Our Activists
Working closely with our national officers and other union representatives, our national network of link members and reps provide support and advice to MiP members and drive much of our work on recruitment, consultation and local collaboration. With training and head office support, they provide an essential link between MiP staff, members and employers.

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Our Management Board comprises UNISON and FDA elected officers, and is responsible for setting the budget, defining performance targets, and considering high-level strategy. Policy and strategy delivery is shaped by our National Committee, which is made up of volunteers selected in membership-wide elections: it oversees the union's service delivery and development work, and holds the executive to account.

We believe that our goals – of protecting and developing our members' rights and interests; strengthening public services; and improving conditions for the health and care workforce – are best achieved by working collaboratively with employers. Recognised by all those employers who recognise the FDA or UNISON, we work in partnership to improve management processes, employment practices and the delivery of services. But we are robust in defending individual members, providing direct support to protect their rights and safeguard their interests.

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Where to find our head office, the best ways to contact our administrative and media staff, and how members can identify and contact their national officer.

Our national officers
You can find out more about our team’s roles on the Our Services pages, which explain how national officers offer our members individual and collective representation
The health secretary's plans to cut 5,500 management jobs to fund community services if the Conservatives win the general election have been criticised as "not credible" by Labour and "paper thin" by MiP.
25th Jun 2024
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