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Equality & diversity

Women of different ethnicities attending a BME conference

Managers in Partnership is committed to eliminating discrimination in the workplace. MiP ensures equality is embedded in campaigns, policy, pay, negotiations and in the way we organise and consult with members. It is important that MiP staff, reps and members work together to identify discriminatory practices and challenge employers when it occurs.

Individual representation

Health and care staff often experience discrimination at work. This includes bullying, harassment, microaggressions and discrimination in promotion and opportunities for career development. Discrimination takes many forms and people respond differently. If you are concerned about treatment or behaviours towards you, please contact your national officer for support and advice. 

If you are accused of discriminatory behaviours or actions, we will also offer guidance and representation to ensure fair processes are followed and your rights are protected. 

Policy and Campaigning 

MiP influences equality policy and actions at national, regional and local level. We are fully engaged in the response to the Black Lives Matter campaign and work with other unions on ways to tackle the health inequalities that have become more apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

MiP's Managers Matter campaign aims to support professional and inclusive management in health and care services, and promote the votal work MiP members do. On the campaign page you will find our latest guide to organisational culture as well as information about our forthcoming guide to managing equality and diversity – due to be published in September 2021.

For more information about MiP's work on equality and how to get involved, contact info@miphealth.org.uk.

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Do you have an equalities-related HR problem?
If you’ve suffered from – or been accused of – discrimination, then please read the Discrimination & Equality page in our Advice & Information section

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