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Information for UNISON Members

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Representing new MiP members

If you’re a UNISON member who’s reached Agenda for Change Band 8 or equivalent level and you have a management responsibility, you’ll have received a letter from UNISON with your MiP membership details. If you are eligible for membership but haven’t received this letter, please get in touch with our head office.

Your links with UNISON remain as strong as ever: you are still a full member of our parent union, of which MiP is a national branch – so you’re entitled to all of its benefits and services – and your membership start date will remain unchanged. But line managers, executive leaders and senior professionals face a specific set of challenges: as the specialist union for senior staff in our health and care services, we have the skills, experience and resources to best meet your needs.

If a UNISON health branch or region is currently representing you on an existing issue with your employer, UNISON staff will typically continue to do so until the case is completed – after which you will be able to transfer to MiP.

As a member of UNISON as well as MiP, you can continue to exercise your option to contribute to UNISON’s campaign or affiliated political funds. You may also vote in elections for UNISON’s general secretary.

As an aside, all MiP members are also members of the FDA, which serves senior public sector professionals. You are entitled both to vote in elections for its general secretary and executive committee, and to enjoy all the benefits of membership such as access to training courses and discounts on services.

If you have any questions about your MiP membership, please contact our head office or your local representative; we will be happy to welcome you into the fold!

Working with UNISON staff and volunteers

MiP staff and volunteers work in close partnership with UNISON branches across the UK, frequently campaigning, recruiting and negotiating together; and we coordinate our work on national forums, such as the NHS Staff Council and the Joint Negotiation Consultative Committees.

We are always keen to strengthen our links with UNISON staff and members at the local level, combining our forces to strengthen the voice of health and care staff. If you’re a UNISON representative interested in working more closely with MiP, please contact your local MiP officer.

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12th Feb 2021
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