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Our Governance

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As a joint venture between the FDA and UNISON unions, MiP has two complementary systems of governance: the MiP member-led National Committee, and the Management Board – through which MiP engages with its parent unions.

MiP’s strategy, management and operations are overseen by our National Committee: 16 member volunteers, elected for two-year terms by the whole membership under the Single Transferable Vote system.

Meeting face-to-face on a quarterly basis and more frequently via videoconference, the National Committee:

  • Oversees our relationships with employers, government and other partners;
  • Sets and implements strategy on recruiting and organising members and volunteers;
  • Agrees policies for engagement with employers and within staffside and consultative forums;
  • Advises and assists in developing key MiP services, such as our Members’ Summit and our digital communications.

Ensuring that all of the UK’s nations are represented in the National Committee, two of its 16 seats are reserved for Scotland, two for Wales, and one for Northern Ireland. The chair and vice-chair are elected from among the Committee’s members. You can find a list of all its current members on the National Committee Members page.

Strengthening the input and guidance from our members, MiP also seeks their views via regular member surveys and at our annual Members’ Summit. And as members of both the FDA and UNISON unions, MiP members may vote in elections for both general secretaries.

Our Management Board, meanwhile, brings together the FDA and UNISON unions to oversee the joint venture – with six voting members, comprising equal numbers of elected officers nominated by each union. The Board proceeds by concensus, and its key roles are to:

  • Set the budget, over-arching goals, and performance targets;
  • Consider high-level strategy and organisational development;
  • Deal with ‘rulebook’ issues between the unions;
  • Develop shared approaches to policy, strategy and campaigning.

To find out more about becoming a National Committee member and what it involves, read our National Committee Guide or get in touch with head office for further information.

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