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It’s Your Future: the MiP guide to consultations

Your guide to understanding the consultation process and preparing for 

your one-to-one meeting

Older manager addressing audience of younger managers


This MiP online guide will help you to respond effectively to any consultation affecting you at work. We will explain the legal framework and how you can protect yourself, your colleagues and the service you provide during organisational change. If you need further advice, MiP are always here to support you. Contact us at MemberAdvice@miphealth.org.uk.

Best practice

The MiP guide Creating a Sustainable Workplace sets out best practice for managing organisational change. As a manager and MiP member, it will help you to:

  • promote understanding of effective change management
  • work with senior NHS leaders to make sure best practice is followed
  • engage your staff and give them a voice in the process
  • ensure formal organisational change policies are followed
  • encourage colleagues to support each other through the changes

staff at a group consultation meeting
Find out why consultations happen, how to prepare and what to look out for.

reps listenting to legal adviser
Learn about your employer's legal obligations to consult you and  trade unions about proposals for organisational change and redundancies.

reps listenting to legal adviser
Our advice on what to expect from your one-to-one meeting, how to prepare and the best questions to ask.

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