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The labour movement was built by volunteers; by workers who organised their fellows to counterbalance the power of employers, mobilising staff in the pursuit of fair treatment, employment rights and a living wage. Today, volunteers remain essential to the power and influence of unions – both leading strategy on elected boards, and driving service delivery at the local level. Without our volunteers, MiP would cease to function.

MiP members choose to become active as volunteers for a wide range of reasons. Many have benefited from our volunteers' work, and seek to give something back; others simply see the need for and value of MiP's work, and want to expand our activities in their workplace. And volunteering provides benefits for all concerned – for our volunteers gain training, experience and contacts that can help them to do their jobs and develop their careers.

By joining our National Committee, for example, members gain valuable experience in leadership, organisational development, stakeholder engagement and public relations. Our link members and representatives, who carry out much of our recruitment work and act as a first point of contact for members, receive training and develop transferable skills in fields such as advocacy, mediation, negotiation and employment issues. And all our volunteers help to improve systems, structures, processes and cultures within their organisations, working in the interests of patients as well as staff. MiP enjoys good relationships with the vast majority of NHS organisations, which recognise the value of our work in shaping policies, strengthening change programmes and representing staff; so many of our volunteers develop strong relationships with organisational leaders – MiP members and non-members alike. 

National Committee members are elected by the whole membership to serve two-year terms on the 16-member body, which agrees policies, helps to develop services, and oversees the executive. If you might be interested in joining the Committee, please take a look at the Our Governance page and contact us for further information.

Across the UK, MiP’s network of link members and representatives help to deliver our campaigns, services and personal support – taking on roles to suit their skills, preferences and situations. To learn more about how you could help your colleagues and strengthen MiP’s services, please read the Our Volunteers page and get in touch with your local national officer.


Nominations are now open for the 2020-21 National Committee elections. Find out more about the committee’s work and the election process.

23 August 2019 | By MiP
MiP at Work_2017-06-15_Reps_Group

MiP is asking link members and reps to tell us how we can develop their work and provide them with better support.

15 August 2019 | By MiP
Girl wearing a woolly hat covering her eyes

Our members’ survey found widespread fear and confusion about plans to restrict exit payments for NHS staff. That’s why MiP is asking the government to think again.

19 July 2019 | By Mercedes Broadbemt
MiP at work
MiP Chief Executive Jon Restell
Woman holding her head in her hands at a desk

Despite recent tax changes and legal doubts hanging over improvements to the scheme, the NHS pension scheme remains one of the best on offer. MiP reports on recent developments, and explains how to keep your retirement plans on track.

15 May 2019 | By Alison Moore
Fat cat eating a bowl of food

The Civil Liability Bill will deny injury compensation to thousands of workers and cost the NHS millions – just to feed the insurance industry fat cats.

27 July 2018 | By Doug Christie
Legal Eye
Jon Restell - Chief Executive

Our job is about more than ensuring fair play once decisions have been taken, we need to influence the big decisions themselves.

24 July 2018 | By Jon Restell
Leading Edge
MiP Chair Sam Crane

16 May 2018 | By MiP
MiP at Work_2017-06-15_Reps_Group

MiP’s first eight reps are already in action, following a successful pilot training course in May. The union’s development programme for reps and link members will offer you a new level of workplace support.

15 June 2017 | By MiP
MiP at work
News_2017-06-01_Salary cap_Restell
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