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Management Community

MiP represents you individually and collectively, both as an employee and in your professional capacity as a manager. Helping you to develop your career and professional identity is just as important to us as protecting your job or improving your pay and conditions.

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As a union focused solely on health and care managers, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of the diverse and important jobs that managers do, the specific issues they face and how their outlook might sometimes differ from other staff groups. Bread and butter employment issues are always vital, but a managers’ union needs to also focus on professional standards and practice, building a professional network for managers and contributing to developing world class healthcare services across the UK. 

Our work on professional practice and standards not only helps us to represent you better in negotiations with employers and the government, it powers our policy and work on issues like NHS funding, building respect for managers and NHS reform.

Training, networking and professional representation

MiP already provides a range of services to support managers professionally. These include training and development opportunities, both through our own courses and our partner unions, the FDA and UNISON

Our annual Members’ Summit gives members the chance to take part in professional workshops, debate policy and network with other managers from around the country. In some areas, we have already established local or regional networks, so managers can get to know each other, exchange best practice and discuss common concerns. 

And every day, our national officers and local reps are supporting members with professional issues at work, ranging from Fit and Proper Person tests and CPD regulations to staff wellbeing and the management of change. Both as a source of expertise, and a link between senior leaders and frontline staff, our national officers, link members and reps play an important role in the professional culture of NHS organisations – one that is increasingly valued by employers. 

Building a management community

But we know members expect more. Now MiP is firmly established as a trade union, with a growing and active membership, we want to develop our work in this field in the coming years. Our plans include:
  • Identifying and discussing professional standards for managers on things like line management, health and wellbeing, disclosure and change management
  • Developing professional networks for managers and trainees at local, regional and national level
  • Campaigning to promote a better public understanding of managers’ jobs and the vital role managers play in running the NHS
  • Working with employers and national organisations to expand and improve professional training and development
  • Developing our members’ magazine, Healthcare Manager, and the MiP website into a valuable professional resource for working managers
  • Boosting MiP’s support for members managing system change through STPs, ICSs etc
  • Expanding our network of MiP reps and link members 
If you’d like to know about our work in building a management community, or would like to get involved, please get in touch by email: info@miphealth.org.uk
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Accident & Emergency entrance to Royal Bournemouth Hospital
News_2018-07-21_Empty board posts_Bailey landscape
Conservative Health Secretary Matt Hancock
Member reading an MiP Summit programme

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Matthew Swindells speaking at MiP's conference
Events and training
With our parent union FDA, we run regular events and offer training designed to help you develop and protect your career
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Two women NHS leaders warned that the NHS needs to give better support to senior managers and develop leadership teams that better represent the populations they serve in a conversation session with Channel 4 health correspondent Victoria Macdonald at the MiP Members’ Summit .
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