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Am I Eligible?

Group of healthcare professionals

To be a member of Managers in Partnership, you must:

  • work in the NHS and be in Agenda for Change band 8a or above; or 
  • work in the NHS and be a member of the management training scheme; or 
  • work in a non-NHS health or care organisation, earn a basic salary of £40,000 or more and have a management responsibility 

We accept members in full-time and fixed-term employment, interims, consultants and the self-employed; those working in NHS bodies, in private and voluntary sector health and care providers, and in parts of local and central government; and in both clinical and non-clinical roles.

So MiP members work in huge variety of roles, employers, and locations across the UK – our Who are our Members? pages help to profile our membership, and explain how we serve people in various professions, organisations, regions and nations. 

All of our members are entitled to specialist, expert advice and support addressing the risks and challenges of life in the UK’s health and care services, as well as assistance with career development and a wide range of member benefits. Our Why You Should Join page provides an overview of the support we provide; or you can explore our offer in more detail in the Our Services pages. 

If you have any questions about these criteria, please contact staff at our head office who will be happy to help.



Need help but not a member?
To qualify for full representation, you must have been an MiP member at least four weeks before the issue arises. But if you join now you can get  telephone advice from our expert team immediately – and after four weeks you'll be fully protected if new problems arise in the future.
Join now online
from £22.90 per month or £10 per year for management trainees


Recently transferred from UNISON?
If you recently transferred from UNISON, we and UNISON will consider between us who’s best placed to represent you. Meanwhile, please get in touch with your MiP national officer and explain the situation.
Disabled managers often feel more at risk of losing their jobs during organisational change, despite legal protection under equality legislation. Jo Seery looks at the obligations on employers and explains what to do if you’ve been treated unfairly.
6th Oct 2023
By Jo Seery
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