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Private & Voluntary Health Service Providers

Our members within private and voluntary health service providers work in almost as wide a range of roles as our public sector members – from top executives and directors, through senior clinicians and service managers, to support service professionals in fields such as finance, HR and communications.

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Blurring those sectoral boundaries, some work for private companies contracted by NHS bodies – such as the facilities management staff working on hospital PFI contracts, and the corporate services teams outsourced to suppliers such as Capita. And whilst many private hospitals and medical centres operate largely within the private sector – receiving the bulk of their income from health insurance firms – the NHS also commissions large numbers of procedures from private and voluntary sector providers.

Finally, some of our members work in community interest companies and other social enterprises – often spun out of the NHS, with the goal of selling services back to the public sector as well as in the wider economy.

Members within all these organisations and roles are represented and protected by our network of national officers, each of whom serves members within a particular region or nation. Because the UK’s constituent nations take different approaches to managing healthcare, the profile of our members within private and voluntary bodies varies between them: you can find more details on our pages on England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

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