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Senior Clinicians

As qualified nurses, therapists and doctors move from service delivery into strategic and managerial roles, many join MiP to access the support and services they need in their new positions. Working with the clinical unions and professional bodies, we ensure that our clinician members are as well supported and protected in the management aspects of their jobs as they are in their specialist professional development.

Group of senior clinical staff sat in a circle

For years, governments of all stripes have worked to get more clinicians into NHS management positions. This shift began in earnest with the 1983 Griffiths report, and ran through to Lord Darzi’s 2008 Next Stage Review to the goals talked of by health secretary Jeremy Hunt: at MiP’s 2007 Members’ Summit, health minister Philip Dunne told members that “I want to see more clinicians taking responsibility for running their organisations.”

MiP fully supports the move to bring more clinical expertise into health management, and works to ensure that senior clinicians are supported through the unique challenges of management roles – which bring a unique set of legal, organisational and professional risks.  

Our specialist services have attracted a range of senior clinicians, such as lead nurses, nurse ward managers, clinician therapy service managers, and qualified doctors working in managerial roles. Many are also members of clinical unions, including the Royal College of Nursing, Royal College of Midwives, and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. And we work in partnership with these organisations to protect and defend our members – both in their interactions with employers, and in relation to regulators such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

As well as our members within NHS trusts, MiP also serves senior clinicians working for private and voluntary sector health providers, and for commissioning bodies such as CCGs.
Caroline Lamb, NHS Scotland head office, March 2024

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Glenn McPeak (headshot), Welsh Ambulance Service manager & MiP rep

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Buki Adeyemo outside Lawton House, trust head office, Stoke

North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare could be England’s best trust. Chief executive Dr Buki Adeyemo explains the ingredients for its success: a stable and happy workforce, a listening leadership, ambitious goals and an enthusiasm for innovation.

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The last party conference season before the general election showed that UK politicians still have to get their heads round what the NHS needs and what it can be expected to deliver.

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The NHS is still struggling to recover from the pandemic, but studies show productivity was falling even before the Covid shock. We asked the experts: what’s driving this, does it matter and why are managers vital to turning productivity around?

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Sir Chris Ham thumb Summer 2023

As the party conference season gets underway this weekend, Sir Chris Ham sets out the challenges facing the UK’s political parties as they draw up their NHS policies, and argues that the multiple crises facing the NHS can be overcome with honesty, realism and political will.

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Red telephone receiver hanging by its cord

While some thrive on it, many managers hate being on call – unable to relax while waiting for the dreaded call and nervous about taking critical decisions without enough training or support. There has to be a better way, writes Rhys McKenzie.

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Aneel Bhangu in an operating theatre at UHB

Decarbonising healthcare will affect everyone working in the NHS. But well-meaning national strategies are struggling to make an impact on the ground. We speak to pioneering surgeon Aneel Bhangu about the barriers to change and ask why NHS staff and unions aren’t more involved in meeting our greatest long-term challenge.

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Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP at London Eye March 2023

Dr Rosena Allin-Khan still works regular shifts at her local hospital alongside her day job as Labour MP for Tooting. Now shadow mental health minister, she tells Matt Ross about Labour’s still-sketchy plans for the NHS, the impact of frontline staff shortages and why she backs striking nurses.

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Rita Gupta 2022 thumb

Meet Your Reps: As a manager and union rep, Rita Gupta wants to change people’s lives, not just tick boxes. She tells us about her determination to make a difference for patients and MiP members.

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MiP at work
Thinly-staffed NHS mental health services are under intense pressure, with patients facing interminable waits for diagnosis and treatment. Could artificial intelligence and chatbots be part of the answer? What are the risks and what does this largely-unregulated new technology mean for patients and staff?
17th Apr 2024
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MiP launches new workplace guide: Wellbeing in the Workplace during our Summit
8th Nov 2022
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