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Monday 12 February 2024

Pay NHS staff fairly and everyone benefits, health unions say

By MiP

MiP, jointly with 13 other health unions, have called for an above inflation pay rise for NHS staff in the 2024-25 pay round.

The joint position is set out in a new report, The Case for NHS Pay 2024, which highlights how investing in NHS staff benefits us all through the positive impact it has on the entire economy. The report also argues that an above inflation pay rise is needed to ensure existing NHS workforce commitments are met as fair pay is vital to recruit and retain the staff needed to deliver on the Long Term Workforce Plan.

The report was launched on the same day that the NHS Pay Review Body (who make recommendations to government on NHS staff pay) closed their call for evidence for this year’s pay round. Delays in the government opening the Pay review Body process means that it is already months behind schedule.

MiP, alongside our partner union UNISON, took the decision to not formally submit evidence, as the current process takes too long and is no longer fit for purpose. Instead, UNISON has written directly to Health Secretary Victoria Atkins setting out our position, while notifying the acting chair of the NHS Pay Review Body.

MiP Chief Executive Jon Restell said:

“Staff throughout the NHS have faced years of pay decline and the impact of this is felt every day by patients. Waiting lists won’t come down if there isn’t enough staff to plan, manage and deliver the care needed to meet ever rising demand.

“Investing in NHS staff is investing in us all. A healthy nation is needed for a healthy economy and that must start by ensuring the NHS can recruit and retain the workforce required to bring down waiting lists, improve access to services and deliver the high quality of care expected of it.

“The government must now recognise this and put NHS pay right.”

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