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Wednesday 06 February 2019

MiP response to the Kark Review of the Fit and Proper Person Test

By Jon Restell

Jon Restell, MiP Chief Executive, says: "MiP welcomes the Kark Review of the Fit and Proper Person Test (FPPT), as we believe that reform of the FPPT is long-overdue. Senior managers want to work to high standards and support full accountability. The purpose of the test was to shield the public but, in reality, it has been turned into a sword against managers. 

"MiP agrees with Matt Hancock that a system for striking off managers is unnecessary. Such a system would not help us tackle the dire level of vacancies and high turnover in senior posts within the NHS, especially at board and chief executive level – which is a much more pressing issue for patient care, safety and quality. 

"We are pleased that the Kark Review has picked up on our proposal for proactive training and support for managers who are perceived not to meet minimum competence standards. We need a culture of helping people to improve like the approach built into other regulatory systems such as the GMC.

"However, MiP is sceptical about the cost effectiveness and purpose of setting up and maintaining a central database of directors. We believe that the money would be better spent elsewhere, particularly on the NHS workforce."

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