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Friday 28 July 2023

National Committee Election 2024: Do you want to join MiP's National Committee?

By MiP

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MiP are electing a new National Committee to take office on January 1 2024 and serve a two year term. All relevant forms and guides for this election are available to download at the bottom of this page.

The committee make decisions on all aspects of MiP’s policy work, support our organisational strategy and oversee MiP's partnership working with government, employers and the media.

Our National Committee is made up of members who currently are, or commit to becoming, accredited workplace reps. You can still stand for election to the committee if you commit to undertake workplace rep training within 6 months from taking office (January 1 2024).

If you're not currently a rep but would still like the opportunity to stand for our committee, contact MiP's National Organiser Rebecca Hall (R.Hall@miphealth.org.uk) to enquire about our next rep training programme.

Our committee members represent constituencies and can only stand for election in the constituency they work. Members wishing to stand for election must be nominated by three other members in their constituency. Nominations will open in August and close in September.

The seats up for election are:

  • Northern Ireland (1 seat)
  • Scotland (2 seats)
  • Wales (2 seats)
  • NHS England* (2 seats)
  • London (2 seats)
  • North West England (1 seat)
  • North East England (1 seat)
  • Yorkshire and Humber (1 seat)
  • West Midlands (1 seat)
  • East Midlands (1 seat)
  • East of England (1 seat)
  • South East Coast (1 seat)
  • South Central (1 seat)
  • South West (1 seat)

*The NHS England seats are reserved for members who work for NHS England in any English region.

National Committee election timetable

  • Nominations open 4 August 2023 (closing 18 September 2023)
  • Election opens 6 October 2023 (closing 6 November 2023)
  • New committee takes office: 1 January 2024

Being part of our National Committee will enable you to decide the issues we campaign on, determine our position on health and employment policy and to shape MiP's member events such as our annual Summit.

If you are interested in standing, please read our Guide to the National Committee Election 2023, including rules around the election, more on the National Committee's work and time commitments. 

All candidates must receive at least three nominations from members in their constituency. Please return the nomination forms to the chief executive by 5pm on 18 September 2023. Forms should be submitted by email to election@miphealth.org.uk.

Please see our Guide to Nominations here for more information on the nomination process.

If you would like further information about joining the National Committee, please contact Helen Carr, MiP Head of Operations (H.Carr@miphealth.org.uk) for an informal chat.  

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