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Friday 12 June 2020

Tell us about the extra hours you’re working

By MiP

MiP is campaigning for fair overtime payments for all NHS staff during the coronavirus crisis. Take our survey and tell us about the extra hours you’re putting in.

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As part our campaign to ensure all NHS staff – including managers – are paid overtime for the extra hours they work during the coronavirus pandemic, MiP is asking all members to take part in an overtime survey.

After two months of talks with MiP and the other health unions, the UK government has refused to follow Scotland and Northern Ireland by creating new national terms to ensure all NHS staff in England are paid overtime during the pandemic, regardless of their pay band. Instead, the UK government has insisted that it is a matter for individual employers in England to determine their own overtime arrangements.

MiP wants to ensure that, for the duration of the crisis, all employers pay overtime to:

  • Staff in pay bands 8 and above, who are not normally eligible for overtime payments
  • Staff in bands 2-7 who do not routinely claim overtime for the extra hours they work
  • Staff working shift overruns

“MiP is disappointed by the government's failure to value the extra work of all NHS staff, but we are still determined to get the best deal possible with individual employers for our members,” said MiP chief executive Jon Restell. “So we are launching a campaign today to ask every NHS employer in England to show they value their staff in all bands. We want every employer to pay at least the flat hourly rate for any overtime worked by members in band 8 and above.”

Our overtime survey

Your responses to our survey will give us vital information about your extra hours and how they have affected you. If you are a member and have not received your survey by email, please email Mercedes Broadbent and she will send it to you.

Some organisations, such as NHS England and NHS Improvement, have done the right thing and extended overtime pay temporarily to bands 8 and above. If your employer has already agreed to pay overtime, please email Mercedes Broadbent at MiP head office with the name of your organisation and the details of the agreement.

If you would like to be more involved in this campaign and help to organise your colleagues to demand that your employer implement an overtime agreement for all staff, please email MiP's organiser Paul Jenkins.

Take MiP’s overtime survey here.

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