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Saturday 25 May 2019

Help us to speak up about harassment

By MiP

Woman sitting at a desk with her head in her hands being shouted at by a colleague

With our colleagues at UNISON, we at MiP want to intensify our work to challenge sexual harassment, sexual assault and other forms of unacceptable behaviour at work – and we need your help.

Since October 2017, the #MeToo campaign has raised awareness of the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment at work – initially in the entertainment industry, and more recently in many other walks of life. In April this year, the British Medical Association launched an urgent investigation following allegations by some of the UK’s most senior female doctors of widespread sexual harassment at the top of the medical profession.

UNISON and MiP will be carrying out a survey during May and June 2019 to find out more about how such behaviour affects the rest of the NHS workforce. We want to know about the whole range of unacceptable behaviour – including any incidents that have made you feel uncomfortable, bad about yourself, humiliated, frightened, or threatened. We particularly want to find out about any behaviour you have suffered that relates to any aspect of your identity – such as your gender, sexuality, race, age or disability status. Please also tell us about any such behaviour you have witnessed even if it didn’t happen to you.

We will invite all MiP members to take part in the survey by email in the next few days. So look out for the survey in your inbox, and make sure you take part – the more we know about the problem, the more we can do to tackle it.

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