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Thursday 22 July 2021

MiP responds to 3% pay rise in England

By MiP

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Jon Restell, chief executive of MiP, commenting on the announcement of an Agenda for Change pay rise in England of 3%, said:

"It is good that the government has moved on its original proposal of a 1% pay rise, which most NHS staff in England found insulting. It has now agreed to pay three times as much, accepting the recommendations of the NHS Pay Review Body in full.

"The staffing situation in the NHS is critical, with many staff threatening to quit, threatening patient care. The delay in announcing a pay award for the NHS in England has not helped managers persuade tired staff to stay.

"This award does not restore the real terms cut in NHS salaries over the last 10 years, and the public will believe NHS staff deserve more.

"MiP will now consult its members on what they want to do about the government's decision, and will scrutinise the deal in full."     

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