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Wednesday 31 July 2019

NHSE, NHSI & NHSX: how to respond to the consultation

By MiP

organisational change

As many members will be aware, the consultation period is now open on plans for the restructuring of in NHS England, NHS Improvement and NHS X. MiP will of course be there to assist all members who are affected during this time of upheaval.

There are three ways for you to respond to the consultation— individually, on a local level through your line manager, and collectively through us, your trade union. MiP strongly encourages you do respond to the consultation in all three of these ways.

Your individual and line management response

The most important thing to do is to read the consultation document and the annex relevant to your region. It is crucial that you do this as soon as possible and then respond to the consultation using the online form and via the local meetings held within your organisation. Your employer is expecting each organisation to submit its own feedback, and your feedback will form part of that response.

If you have individual questions about the consultation, these should be raised via the customer contact centre, the number for which has been supplied by your employer. The FAQs about the consultation are updated constantly and you should refer to them in the first instance, and also check them frequently.

A workplace adjustment passport scheme is also being piloted in some areas. Information about the scheme has been provided to line managers, so your line manager should be aware of it. You will need to fill this out yourself and decide what information you are comfortable sharing with your employer— but please be aware that reasonable adjustments can only be made if the employer is aware of your needs.

MiP's collective response

MiP will soon be sending out a survey to members in all three organisations. Please fill this in as soon as possible, as it will form part of MiP’s response to the consultation.

All the documents you require to respond to the consultation individually, through your line manager and through MiP are available via the consultation hub. MiP is aware that these documents are not as accessible as they should be – particularly the tables embedded in the documents. Please feedback to your employer any problems with accessibility, but also let us know when you respond to our survey, as we intend to raise lack of accessibility in our response.

You should be able to map your post from the "as is" existing structure to the new structure. If, when you review the consultation, you find that this is not possible because of a lack of details, accessibility or clarity, raise this with your line manager as soon as possible. We will also ask you about issues with the new structure in our upcoming survey.

Webinars and workshops

MiP has arranged a programme of webinars and workshops to inform members on how best to respond to the consultation on an individual basis. Details of this programme will be sent to members with the survey in the near future.

Please email MiP head office if you need to change your details with us, so we can keep you updated during this process.

For MiP members working in Greater Manchester

A dedicated email address, gmhscp.hr.gmhscp@nhs.net, has been set up for your questions throughout the consultation process. Questions will be collated according to themes and FAQs prepared based on these themes. Please note that emails sent to this address will only be accessible to staff in the HR team overseeing the process.

Timetable for the consultation

4 July 2019: Consultation document shared with trade unions in advance of the Joint Working Partnership Forum Sub-Group

11 July 2019: Consultation document discussed with trade union representatives at the Joint Working Partnership Forum Sub-Group

16 July 2019: Collective consultation formally launched with union representatives.

16 July 2019: 45-day period of formal collective consultations with affected staff begins for most directorates

16 July to 29 August 2019: Opportunities for individual and group discussions and briefings.

24 July: 45 days consultation period begins for people function, Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) business areas in NHSX and Greater Manchester.

29 August 2019: Formal collective consultation ends for the majority of directorates. Consideration of feedback begins.

6 September 2019: Formal collective consultation ends for people function, Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) business areas in NHSX and Greater Manchester. Consideration of feedback begins.

Early-mid September 2019: Consultation feedback/responses collated and analysed, and outcome document produced and agreed.

16 September 2019: Outcomes document shared with union representatives at the Joint Working Partnership Forum Sub-Group.

23 September 2019: Outcomes document shared with all staff.

Early October 2019: Individual Check and Challenge process on the consultation outcomes

From October 2019: Implementation process begins with the filling of posts

End November 2019: Majority of staff will know their position in the new structure

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