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23 November, London 

This year's conference will be held at TUC Congress House on Wednesday 23 November.  Please click through for more details and to register

NEWS Wed 17 Aug 2016

 health heroes

Who’s your Health Hero?

Show your appreciation for hardworking support staff in the NHS

Do you know someone in your organisation who takes special pride in their work, however tough things get? This is your chance to nominate them for a Health Heroes award.

MiP BLOG Wed 10 Aug 2016

 Dr Woodworth

Putting doctors back in touch

In the first of a regular series revealing the crucial role of managers in improving healthcare, Matt Ross investigates how NHS leaders in Stockport reconnected GPs and hospital consultants - improving the speed and quality of patient care

“Managers can win people’s minds by going through the procedures, doing their business cases, but to win hearts they have to convince everybody that it’s a good idea.”

MiP BLOG Mon 08 Aug 2016

 piggy bank

Tax and your pension pot

Dale Walmsley explores how pensions tax relief affects you as a member of the NHS Pension Scheme

One of the biggest incentives to save in a pension scheme is the tax relief on a member contributions. The higher up the tax bands you are, the more tax relief you'll get. But the more you earn in the NHS, the more you pay into the scheme.

MiP BLOG Thu 28 Jul 2016

 legal eye

Watching the executives

Brian Wilson on what you need to know about workplace surveillance and social media snooping

Both employers and employees are increasingly using surveillance footage in the workplace. This presents challenges for workers and managers alike, so it’s important to understand the law in this area.

MiP BLOG Fri 22 Jul 2016

 Maria Kane

“Our staff give people their lives back”

With disintegrating community support and tighter funding than ever before, mental health services are near to breaking point. Alison Moore asks one of the sector’s leading chief executives, Maria Kane, how she keeps the show on the road.

“Need goes up and finance in real terms is, at best, flat. You get to the crux where it is no longer doable. That’s where we are. It’s a balance between keeping as lean as we can but also keeping the goodwill of staff.”

MiP BLOG Fri 15 Jul 2016

 Pic of lady at desk

Please release me ...

Sometimes the NHS is hard to leave for the wrong reasons. Two senior managers tell Craig Ryan about their exhausting battle to secure redundancy rights and how MiP helped them to leave on the right terms.

We were stuck between a rock and a hard place, excluded from communications regarding the next steps for the organisation, but still without a decision about what was happening to us.

MiP BLOG Thu 16 Jun 2016

 Jeremy Baskett

New challenges for NHS leaders

The 2016 King’s Fund Leadership and Management Summit brought together current thinking on leadership and management in health and social care. MiP committee member Jeremy Baskett reports on a thought-provoking day.

A general theme throughout the summit was the recent change in management styles, moving from ‘hero’ managers, who tried to manage everything, to a ‘coaching’ style where you empower and lead others.

MiP BLOG Thu 19 May 2016

 East End success story

An East End success story

When it comes to staff engagement, everyone talks the talk, but East London Foundation Trust is one of the few to walk the walk. Craig Ryan headed for Whitechapel to find out how they do it.

The killing of one mental health patient by another is fantastically rare. But within a year Roman Ward had seen another patient commit suicide with a plastic bag and a third die unexpectedly from natural causes. These three tragic deaths sparked a remarkable improvement drive founded on boosting the engagement and wellbeing of the trust’s staff.

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